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Noam Chomsky said: "Why are we born free and end up enslaved?".

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5 Ways to Improve your Mood in a flash

Have you ever noticed a child laughing? They release happiness with their whole body, instead of some adults when they fake it. Don’t be a lame grown up and forget your inner joy. Being an adult is fine and well, but please remember to see the little things. Don’t take yourself so seriously because laughter is the best medicine. There are positive ways to bring out your inner child without being childish:   

Silly Walk   

If you have ever seen the old movie “Monty Python” you know what I’m talking about. Basically… take your usual steps, except do something funny with your legs, maybe hop and wiggle or twist and shout. Add a juicy bit of random into your routine, and walk backwards into the doorway.   

Say words like: Whee! Hooray! Yipee!    

Stress expert and motivational speaker Loretta LaRoche recommends doing this by waving your arm from left to right. She also suggests to try doing this right after a driver cuts you off on the street. There are too many drivers with road rage out there. Why perpetuate that anger? Replace it with love, even if it comes from your gut. It may feel forced at first, or you may feel silly, but in the end you will benefit.       

Twirl after saying something that bothers you.   

It’s difficult to maintain a frown while doing this, trust me. Just make sure not to hurt yourself tripping on something left on the floor.   

Answer “I’m fabulous” instead of “I’m fine”   

There is a great benefit from faking it until making it. What you say is what you will feel afterwards, even if you are lying to yourself at first. So many people answer plainly to questions like “how are you?” that it seems their entire world just sucks. Here’s the brutal truth: most people’s lives aren’t perfect or fantastic, but what makes the difference is how you talk to people about it. This is rooted from your own perspective. I had an uncle who would always reply: “I’m doing exagerratedly great.” His attitude always exhibited a happy boost, and it changed the reactions of others around him as well.   

Sing and dance even without music   

It’s funny what happens after you move your body to a beat in your head. Dancing is a huge stress releaser besides providing wonderful exercise. Go to your gym and enter a Zumba class. Sometimes, others will join you in chorus. Even if they don’t hey, have a blast. 

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Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. Mark Twain